Window Solutions

Window Solutions

Blackout Solutions Blackout Solutions

Need to get better sleep? Is the intensity of the sunshine waking you up too early? Are you feeling distracted by light keeping you awake at night? Our blackout solutions will meet your needs and deliver better sleep anytime of the day of night.

Top Down Bottom Up Solutions Street Privacy / Top-down Bottom-up Solutions

Do you need window covering ideas to enjoy natural light while also maintaining privacy? Top down bottom up shades will bring in just the right amount of light, while allowing you the privacy and comfort you’re looking for. It’s ideal daylighting and directional control at your fingertips with simple adjustment.

Cordless / Child-safe Solutions Cordless / Child-safe Solutions

Do you have cord dangers in your home? Do you need child safe window coverings? Dangling cords and loose strings are tempting and dangerous for children and pets. We have window treatment ideas to show you all your options in cordless blinds and shades. We also have cord safe blinds and shades for the peace of mind you need.

Motorized Solutions Motorized Solutions

You have the ultimate control in the palm of your hand. Make adjustments to your blinds and shades from across the room or across the country. PowerView motorized blinds and shades can be controlled, scheduled, adjusted with a sleek, stylish remote or with the PowerView app on your phone or tablet. It’s the personal assistant you’ve always wanted.

Energy Efficient Solutions Energy Efficiency Solutions

From the intensity of daytime sunshine, to the cool, chilly mornings, you need window treatment ideas to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home year round and throughout the day. No longer will you experience 50% energy loss through your windows as your AC goes into overdrive. Energy efficient window coverings will protect energy costs and your family’s comfort.

Large Window Solutions Floor-to-Ceiling / Large Window Solutions

Gorgeous views, glowing natural light. The experience of floor to ceiling windows is breathtaking. But sometimes, it can be a little too much. Shades and blinds for large windows will provide solutions for your home that enhance your beautiful view while providing you the privacy and protection you need.

Glass Door Solutions Patio / French / Sliding Glass Door Solutions

Enjoy your patio more with french door shades and sliding glass door solutions that help you maintain the level of control you need. Easy to adjust open, without getting in the way, they’ll protect the inside of your home. Beautiful design with incredible function to fit your home and lifestyle!